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Big 3

Meet this years Leadership team, Battalion Commander, C/MAJ Logan Dukes, Battalion Sergeant Major, C/CSM Isaiah Salinas, and Battalion Executive Officer, C/1LT Katie Crane.
Logan Dukes I am Logan Dukes, the battalion commander for East Valley JROTC. I have live in Yakima my entire life and I have two older sisters. Some of my hobbies are wakeboarding and surfing and being involved in JROTC activities. This is the third year I have been in JROTC and it is one of my favorite classes. Some sports I really enjoy playing is baseball and soccer. I have learned to set goals and how to achieve those goals and how to be for beneficial for the community. My goal for this year is to be the best marksman at East Valley and I want to be able to be put in a stressful situation and confidently handle it.
Isaiah Salinas

My name is Isaiah M. Salinas. I’m the Command Sergeant Major. I like play football and basketball with my boys and sleeping. My graduation goals are to graduate on time with my class, after that I want to either go to college to play football or join the Army to become an Army Ranger. One goal I have this school year is to achieve having A’s and B+ all year long. I expect Captain and Sergeant to be on top of me to get my stuff on time because sometimes I slack on turning in my work.

Katie Crane

My name is Katie Crane. I’m the Executive Officer in JROTC. This is my second year in the Corps and it’s the best thing that has happened to me. The Corps is basically my second family, and I have found a large amount of my friends there. My goal as the XO for this years is to set a great example and to be an inspiration to other people in the Corps and those who are not.