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Operations Orders and FRAGOs


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                                                                                                                East Valley High School

                                                                                                                Yakima, WA

                                                                                                                25 SEPT 2018



    FRAGO 2018-11



    References:  OPORD 2018


    Time Zone Used Throughout the Order:  Pacific Daylight Savings Time


    Task Organization:


            East Valley USA JROTC                      




    East Valley High School has a program which recognizes student academic achievement and involvement where they show their school spirit and pride. Too support this the JROTC leadership has been required to select a student and submit their name each month.


    1. MISSION.

    The JROTC Leadership Team will conduct a Student of the Month (SOTM) board on the second Wednesday of each month to select a qualified Cadets and submit the names to CPT (R) Jacobsen or SFC (R) Waggoner for submission to the front office.



                Students need to read and study the promotion study guide and keep their grades up. The selection board will be the S1, XO, BC, and CSM. Board members will be, but not limited to SGM, 1SG, and PSG along with previous SOTM awardees.

    1. The SOTM board will be conducted in either room 122, 117, or the Library, with the panel members asking questions regarding the candidates academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, and general knowledge of JROTC subjects.
    2. Grading and voting on the candidates will be completed at the end of the board before the end of the day.
    3. Uniform will be Class A







    All study material will be posted on the JROTC website.




    Point of Contact (POC) for this event will be CPT (R) Jacobsen during the months of September, November, January, March, and May and SFC (R) Waggoner will be for the months of October, December, February, and April.






                                                                LOGAN DUKES


                                                                EVHS BN CDR