Reminder for EVHS Families:

The first-line of defense in preventing school violence is you! Make sure to report suspicious activity or incidents that happen on our around our campus, bullying, potential fights and other concerns for school safety to one of our building administrators or another staff member that you feel comfortable telling. You can also place an anonymous report using our Safe Schools system. All Safe Schools tips are immediately directed to one our administrators. 

Safe Schools can be accessed 24/7: 

  • on our district and all school website homepages. 
  • by phone or text message at (844) 284-9334
  • by email at 1424@ALERT1.US

At East Valley High School we have a zero tolerance policy for fighting. Our high school offers several supports for students to help prevent fights from occurring. If an issue does arise, we want our students and families to be aware that any person involved in a fight on our campus, will be subject to disciplinary action, pursuant to our Student Discipline Policy 3241 & Procedure 3241P.  Involvement is not simply being the verbal or physical aggressors, but also applies to those individuals that participate in video recording and electronic distribution of altercations and/or any other fight promotion.

 We appreciate your support in keeping East Valley High School a physically and emotionally safe environment for our students. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us at (509) 573-7400.

 East Valley High School Administration