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The "Counselors' Corner" provides many pages that can help you in a numerous ways. You will be able to find information on things ranging from scholarships and careers, to info on EVHS - such as the required classes needed in order to graduate. 



Raylene Lacaman, Counselor                              Last Name: A-G 573-7432
Jennifer Mendoza-Mata, Counselor                    Last names: H - O
Victoria Sanchez, Counselor                                Last names: P - Z 573-7433
Viviana Barragan, Registrar/Counseling Secretary 573-7422
Greg Oldham, Graduation Specialist 573-7453
Ashley Reese, Student Assistance Professional 573-7415
Hugo Camarillo, Social-Emotional Support Advocate 573-7400
Olga Zuniga, Social-Emotional Support Advocate 573-7400


Transcript Request can be sent directly to the Registrar/Counseling Secretary at [email protected]



Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with the counselors to discuss academic status, post-graduation plans, career planning, etc. In addition, counselors will be providing similar information to students within the classrooms, in small groups or individually on a regular basis to prepare students for the world of work.



Referrals to various community services can be made by guidance counselors. Many times, parents and students find themselves in circumstances that they are not able to manage without help. Counselors can link people to community resources equipped to handle such issues. Call for more information.



When the occasion presents itself, support services are taken into the classroom with guidance counselors presenting pertinent information regarding such topics as: career and educational opportunities, college planning, etc.



Parents suspecting that Special Education Services may be warranted are encouraged to contact the counseling office to initiate the process.



We provide alcohol and other drug prevention and intervention services to students and their families. We also provide students with alcohol/drug use assessments and treatment if they need it, and we help those students understand what is happening.  Additionally, we provide counseling, support, and education to students who are not using alcohol or other drugs by (a) teaching skills and attitudes that will help them stay away from tobacco, and other drugs, (b)  providing support if they are being bullied or have conflicts with teachers or friends, (c) providing counseling support if they have alcohol or other drug use in their home, (d) providing support services to parents and to students if they have conflicts in the home and, (e) attempting to remove barriers that will make them unsuccessful in school. 



Information regarding Running Start, Skill Center, etc. is available in the counseling center upon request. Please feel free to contact our office between 7:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. with concerns or question. Messages may also be left on our voice mail at any time.