EVHS Student Newspaper

It has come to my attention that there is misinformation circulating regarding an article in the upcoming issue of the school newspaper concerning Black Lives Matter.
The school newspaper is intended to be an objective, facts-based forum. Edits to the article in question were required to meet the intent of the newspaper. At the time of publication, the required edits had not been completed. We intend to publish the article when the requested edits are complete.
As a school, we strive to remain politically neutral. We believe in using facts to educate our students on all issues, including Black Lives Matter, so that they can form their own opinions as young adults. We have not banned the topic of Black Lives Matter in any of our classrooms as was inaccurately implied.
We want all students to know that EVHS is a safe space to learn, to grow, to be themselves, and to be free of racism and injustice.
In addition, any instance of reported racist behavior has been addressed appropriately in accordance with East Valley School District Policy and Procedures.
Kayla Crowe
EVHS Principal