Senior Campout

East Valley High School Parents,


In years past, it has been tradition for the senior class to camp in the school parking lot the night prior to their last day of school. This event has never been sponsored by our school or district. It has also been an event that has resulted in serious injuries for our students and excessive cleanup efforts for our school. 


It has also come to our attention that our students are participating in activities that are inconsistent with the core values of East Valley High School and East Valley School District during this campout. This year, and going forward, we will not be allowing this event on our district property and we discourage it from being moved off-site due to the nature of activities students are engaging in. Instead, we encourage students to attend the Almost All-Night Grad Party being held on June 2, 2018, at the Yakima YMCA. An official flyer for this event is attached.


We will have security patrolling the parking lot to ensure that individuals are not camping on our property. Students that attempt to do so, will be asked to leave.


We appreciate your understanding and support as we make changes to ensure the safety of our students,


East Valley High School Administration