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Course Guide


It is our hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities that EVHS offers. The tradition of excellence at East Valley is a result of the high involvement and contributions of great students. Get involved, join in, help to build upon our tradition of excellence and success.


High school is the final step of your required K-12 education. Consider all options and make your choices wisely. The opportunities available to you in adulthood will be determined in part by the degree to which you challenge yourself while in high school. Use your time here to grow academically, socially, artistically, and athletically. Explore the many career options available. Our staff is here to guide and support you in your endeavors-ask us for the help you need.


This course selection guide is designed for your use. Review the explanations of course descriptions, graduation requirements, and support services. If you still have questions, ask your counselor, or other staff member. Assisting you toward successful completion of all requirements for graduation and preparation for success beyond high school is the ultimate goal of every staff member at East Valley High School.


Make everyday here a GREAT RED DEVIL DAY!

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