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Scholarship Information

April Scholarships
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Keep the following points in mind: 

1. All scholarships have specific eligibility criteria. The criteria is set by the sponsor of the scholarship and is usually stated in the scholarship application. If you meet the criteria, apply!

2. All scholarships have deadline dates. Honor them! 

3. Most of the larger dollar awards come from the colleges/universities and vocational schools themselves. Check on the scholarship information for the schools you are interested in, generally by contacting the school's financial aid department. 

4. Plan Ahead! Scholarship applications usually ask for some of the following information: Cumulative G.P.A., school or community service, SAT or ACT test scores, high school transcript, essay, and letters of recommendation. Most of this can be collected in advance and filed-ready for use. 

5. Finally, scholarship success is a cooperative endeavor between students, parents, and schools. We would encourage students and parents to search the Internet, public library, and the scholarship resources available to them thru the high school. Come and see us if you have any questions or suggestions.

6. Be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid! (FAFSA) Some scholarships require that you have a FAFSA complete whether you think you qualify for aid or not.