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This morning we received exciting news that our high school will be remodeled starting this year.  We do not have an exact date but the ball has started rolling in that direction.

With this change, we will be enforcing the below policy. Please ask questions if you have them. 


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Students are expected to observe the following regulations…

Eat all meals in the commons or other designated areas


We will start enforcing bringing outside food or drinks into EVHS starting next week.  


What will be allowed…

  1. Students are allowed to bring in breakfast/lunch from outside (Taco Bell, Starbucks for example) but they cannot bring it out of the cafeteria.
  2. Water will be allowed at all times unless it is set as a classroom rule.
  3. Students cannot show up during classes with food/drinks.  They will be asked to leave them in their cars or throw them away.
  4. Drinks/foods purchased using our vending machines need to be put into backpacks/lockers.  Breakfast/lunch is the time students can drink/eat this food and only in the cafeteria (senior balcony, hallways are permitted during lunch until our new building is complete)

The concern is 3-fold.


  1. With our new building, we want to keep it as clean as possible.  These drinks/foods stain and cause damage to carpets/classrooms.
  2. Food allergies and other concerns
  3. Students have been tardy on many occasions 1st period/lunch due to waiting to receive coffee/energy drinks. 


Next week (January 22nd – January 26th) we will continue to remind you of this.  Starting January 29th, discipline will be attached to all infractions of the above policy.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr. Martone and Mrs. Torpey